GABARRAS Y SERVICIOS SA is a company with an extensive experience in the shipping sector, shipyards, maintenance and ship repairs; that´s why the strategic objective is the servicing which quality and environment level make us competitive and suited to our customers need and the environment where we develop activities. To uphold this Quality and Environment Policy, a quality management and environment system has been implemented.

To achieve these objectives GABARRAS Y SERVICIOS SA has adopted this Quality and Environment Policy, adequated to the magnitude and impacts that may cause our activities and the consequences arising out of them, this commitment is reflected in:

  • To prevent pollution by implementing organizational and technological measures which are appropriate and feasible within our competence and resources framework.
  • Proper management of all waste (municipal, inert, dangerous, etc) following the steps and through the authorized managers, thereby making the pollution prevention that may result from our activities.ereby making the prevention of contamination that may result from our activities.
  • Look for the customer satisfaction as a way to ensure the continuity and growth of our activities, increasing the economic development.
  • In order to perform a proper system maintenance, it expresses its commitment to compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements which are applied to our activities on environmental issues, and all those others who are required by our customers and other concerned parties.
  • This Quality and Environment Policy is the framework for setting objectives and targets, whereby the service quality, environmental performance and effectiveness of the Management System is continuously improved.
  • The Quality and Environment objectives are reflected in the Management Program, and its monitoring and management review ensure its continued relevance to the sought ends.
  • The Commitment to promote an understanding and dissemination of our policy to all the organization through the continued training and communication to support it and perform their job so they can achieve the improvement objectives that will be established.
  • In addition, the Quality and Environment Policy is available to any organization or person who may request for.

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