We have devised a new tool in the port of Algeciras. This is a shipping container that carries everything you need to immediately deploy the accoutrements for any contingency, and act in the shortest possible time.

After a development time and a couple of months of construction, placed on a trailler and fully equipped, the container is already the most versatile tool to combat accidental oil pollution in the the port of Algeciras Bay, ready for any contingency.

The idea is to have it within the port to quickly move the container to any dock and deploy barriers in an agile manner from the same container or upload aboard one of our ships to act in the bay.

The container is equipped with a reel of 350m. transoceanic containment barrier, overflow skimmer, anchoring equipment barriers, tidal compensators and hydraulic equipment for the operation of both the skimmer and the reel and crane with which the container is also equipped.

We have had the opportunity to try it in action in a simulation we have done in practice to a course of pollution, and we can ensure that the results have been more than satisfactory.

Surely, from now on, the Bay of Algeciras is better equipped to deal with any spills that may occur.